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Portable CNC cutter for plate and tube
Portable CNC cutter for plate and tube
Product Name:
Portable CNC cutter for plate and tube
Size :

Product Description:

Portable type Tube plasma and gas CNC cutter is the most economical tube intersection CNC cutting machine, especially designed for pipe diameter not much huge(Diameter 30mm-600mm), and can cut round pipe and plate both.

It provide the global fabrication shops with the most swift but economical metal tube intersectional CNC cutting solutions.
Advanced Structure:      
1.> Overall structure(all rails on one fixed iron platform), release you from basis and cutting platform manufacturing, ensure accuracy and good condition in long life.
2.> Suitable for diameter: 30-300mm, 50-600mm (Can add metal sheet cutting function).
3.> Axis quantity 3 axis, 2 interactive axis, saving cost
4.> Taiwan linear guide+Train rail+G6 rack and pinion, Powerful step/ Panasonic Servo+Planetary gear box; perfect running precise and stable transmission.
5.> Powerful CNC controller, safe operation, easy maintaince.

Powerful CNC Controller:       
1.> USB connection, visual nesting and operating.
2.> Break point & power off restroration.
3.> Returning to reference point, original point free selection
4.> Kerf compensation.
5.> Batched production. 
6.> Built-in library, Common figures, professional nesting software
Technical Parameter:   



Axis quantity

3 axis, 2 linkage

Suitable Diameter

30-300mm, 50-600mm

Standard Loading

<500Kg(can adjust)

Cutting Mode

Flame and/or Plasma

Tube Material

Carbon Stainless Alloy steel, zinc etc

Tube Wall Thickness


Cutting Speed

0-6500mm per minute

Optional item

Japan Panasonic servo

NC plasma generator(Power Source)

Remote Controller Unit

Cutting video: 

CNC gas/flame/plasma cutting sample:

pipe cutting samples 1.jpg

pipe cutting samples.jpg


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