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CNC2 axis Pipe profile cutter
CNC2 axis Pipe profile cutter
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CNC2 axis Pipe profile cutter
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CNC pipe profile cutting machine is special CNC equipment which is used for cutting metal pipe automatically.It can realize auto program and auto CNC nesting work for any complicated joint type of intertube, pipe,etc. and can cut any shape at one time.This product is widely used for steel structure,shipbuilding,bridge and heavy machine industries.Suitable for cutting cylinder branch,two or three-layer saddle cutting of the main pipe.It is suitable for large quantities of professional intersection pipe cutting.Cutting material: low carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal, etc. Machine can be designed according to the different needs of users.


To meet users’demand to cut special shapes on pipes&plate,we develop CNC Intersection cutting machine. whose biggest characteristic is suitable for mass Intersection cutting;high efficiency,stable sunning,high precision.

1、can cut intersection circles of different directions & diameters on main pipe, achieve eccentric& non-eccentric intersection and perpendicular intersection between branch pipe & main pipe.
2、can cut intersection end at pipe end,achieve eccentric& non-eccentric intersection, and oblique perpendicular intersection between branch pipe & main pipe
3、can cut oblique section on pipe end 
4、can cut weld ell on round pipe, oblique sections of the “mitre elbow” 
5、can cut intersection end on branch pipe intersected with Ring Main pipe 
6、can cut bevel of changing angle 
7、can cut square hole&waisted-shape hole on round pipe
8、can cut off pipes  


Cutting video: 

CNC gas/flame/plasma cutting sample:

pipe cutting samples 1.jpg

pipe cutting samples2.jpg

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