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CNC control system SH2200H
CNC control system SH2200H
Product Name:
CNC control system SH2200H
Size :

Product Description:

Major Technical Specifications




Industrial ARM7 CPU


10.4”Color LCD

System offers

Input 16 ports, output 14 ports


2 axes, can extend to 4 axes

Max. speed

When the Pulse Equivalence is 1μ, max speed is 6m/minute

Pulse Equivalency

Electronic gear, numerator and denominator can reach to 1-65535

User’s program space


Machine case size


CNC Control System Specifications

1. Industrial ARM process core, large-scale gate array hardware interpolator

2. 10.4” true color LCD display

3. Internal caching preprocessing technology ensures processing continuity

4.Freely shift cutting technology between plasma and flame by one key

5. Embeded features of cutting industry. Automatic ignition

6. New algorithm and small line smoothing functions

7. Stable and continuous process. No pause between program segments

8. Help’s menu with full function prompt. Direct and easy to learn

9. Set acceleration or deceleration freely

10. Newly added arc voltage torch height controller function

11. Dynamic graphic display, scaling, mirroring and rotating of cutting image

12. Electronic gear regulator enables a controller to different machines

13. Perfectly compatible with CAD/CAM and various nesting software, such as IBE,FASTCAM

14. Deferment, pre-heat, piece, flame radius compensation, continuous regression and power failure recovery

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