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1525 Portable CNC plasma profile cutter
1525 Portable CNC plasma profile cutter
Product Name:
1525 Portable CNC plasma profile cutter
Size :

Product Description:

Machine as showed.Portable type,high efficiency,energy saving,light weight,most economical.

It is a movable type, which can be put on plate to cut;suitable for cutting carbon steel,stainless steel and other nonferrous metal plate of various thickness.

Main advantages:


2.Electric torch height controller

3.Flame/plasma cutting can be configurated.

4.Smart cut,cut all shapes from AutoCad.

5.Control system is SH2012AH,which is very popular in China,with large graphics library,and easy to learn to operate.

This software can support English,Russian and Spanish.


CNC system:



Compact keyboard design and easy to input files.

Shape have some operations such as Proportion, Rotate, and Mirror.

Shape can be arrayed in matrix, interaction, stacked modes.

Steel plate can be adjusted according to any steel side.

Coordinate system can be customized to support the two dimensional coordinates of all eight kinds.

All input and output port type and the number can be customized (normally open or normally closed).

Self-diagnostic function, to diagnose the key status and all the IO status, facilitate inspection and debug.

Provide a front USB interface for copying files.

System can be upgraded by USB interface easily, and we provide lifetime upgrade service.

All functions and techniques can upgrade online and don’t worry about the after sale service.

Import and export files by single or all files.

Parameters backup and parameter restore.

Support the Flame, Plasma, Marker and Demonstration four kinds of mode.

Including various types of processing parameters to meet the needs of different processes.

Flame and Plasma are separated in the control IO ports.

Support THC(Torch Height Control), two-level preheat, three-level pierce in flame mode.

Hardware Configuration

Monitor:7 inch, 800*480, high definition 16 million colors and high brightness LCD

Memory: 64M SDRAM

Program space available for user: 256M electronic hard disk

CPU frequency: 400MHz

USB: USB 1.1 front interface, at least 16GB U disk supportable

Keyboard: PCB keyboard

Chassis: full-steel structure completely shielded which defends electromagnetic radiation, interference and static electricity

Cutting video: 

Flame and plasma cutting samples:

flame gas cnc cutting.jpg

plasma cutting sample.jpg


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